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Student of the Season - Summer 2021

Ela is our student of the season this summer. Ela started learning Spanish with her brother from a young age because her older brother and dad also had lessons. Ela and her brother took to it like ducks to water. Ela also says that she wanted to learn Spanish so that when she went on holiday, she would be able to speak to the locals and order food.

Ela says the hardest topic we have covered is food, there is just so much vocabulary and it’s hard to remember everything. However, Ela did tackle the topic with gusto and even designed her own menu for “La Cocina de EJ”.

Her biggest help has been the workbook she won for her hard work, she is currently tackling KS3 work (even though she has just left year 7) and the workbook helps her see how far she’s come and what she has got left to learn. Also, she says another great help is having her dad and brothers on hand to help her when she is struggling or doesn’t understand something.

We have just completed reflexive verbs which took Ela some time to get her head around, so it was super helpful to have Dad there to help. In the future Ela would love to be able to translate work and travel, speak to people and get to know the culture and language. We would like to congratulate Ela on becoming student of the season this summer and look forward to seeing what she achieves.

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