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🌟 Student of the Season - Summer 2022 🌟

Mark is our student of the season this summer. He started learning over 4 years ago years ago as he’d dreamt about living in Spain and speaking the language fluently. He first started on Duolingo (he is currently on day 1632) and then thought he’d get some help to consolidate all his knowledge. He has found the present tense to be the easiest topic to learn along with the beginner topics and vocab. He enjoys Spanish and finds Duolingo can become addictive but can also lack the necessary information regarding tenses so together with his Spanish lessons, he uses grammar books and watches YouTube videos. Mark took a huge leap forward recently and is now able to comfortably hold a conversation about a variety of topics; this change came about almost overnight like a light switch being turned on. Currently Mark is focusing on the imperfect and trying to learn when to use the two past tenses together – which as many of you will know isn’t easy. Mark says he finds making flashcards a useful tool; he always has them nearby and refers to them as and when he needs. In the future Mark would love to finish Duolingo, immerse himself in Spain and build a life for himself and become fluent. We want to congratulate Mark on how far he has come and wish him luck on his journey.

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