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🌟 Student of the Season - Spring 2023 🌟

Miguel is our Student of the Season this Spring, we interviewed him about why he wanted to learn Spanish just as he came back from a family holiday in Mojacar where he put his Spanish to the test for the first time since learning.

🔆 Why did you start learning Spanish?

"I started learning Spanish so I could converse with my Spanish brother in law. He speaks a little English so we are now able to have some half Spanish/half English conversations and understand each other"

🔆What have you found hard about learning a new language?

"One of the things I initially found hard was understanding the different sentence construction eg verb before subject, no need for a pronoun when the verb is conjugated, masculine and feminine nouns etc. Now that I’m a but further on it’s definitely Ser and Estar!" - I think a few of our students can sympathise with this!

🔆What has been the best tool to help you on your journey?

"The best tool for me has been the weekly lessons with Georgia. I have also used podcasts, reading books, you tube and TV but without the weekly lessions my learning would lack structure and discipline."

🔆What tips would you have for someone starting out learning Spanish?

"The main tip I would have for someone starting out is to surround yourself with Spanish. Watch Spanish tv programs and news channels with either English or Spanish subtitles. Don't worry about understanding everything, just see what words or phrases you can pick out and listen to the intonation and emphasis. Read books. Juan Fernandez has written some really good story books for Spanish learners from beginner to advanced. Label things round the house or pin up lists of Spanish words a phrases. Listen to podcasts in the car instead of music. Expose yourself to the language as much as possible."

🔆What goals and aims do you have with the language in the future?

"I can construct basic sentences now and on my last trip to Spain I managed to order in restaurants and shops and understand some of what people said to me. My goal for the future is to expand my vocabulary enough be able to hold a proper conversation."

We would like to congratulate Miguel on all his hard work & very excited to see how he continues his learning and how far he goes.

Well done Miguel!

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