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🌟 Student of the Season - Winter 2023 🌟

For student of the season this winter we interviewed Olga, this is what she told us:

🌀Why did you start learning Spanish?

I want to understand the language spoken in so many countries around the world, especially as I love Buenos Aires and visit often. And because my husband, although he is English, speaks fluent Spanish, so I have to keep up with him!

🌀What have you found hard about learning a new language?

Finding time to practise at home. Otherwise I find it logical, not too difficult with regards to grammar and really enjoyable.

🌀 What has been the best tool to help you on your journey?

The best help is my husband, who makes me speak some Spanish to him every day, and who bought me several study books to encourage me to study. And my teacher Georgia, who has excellent way of teaching (and as I am teacher of languages myself, I can say it with all honesty!)

🌀What tips would you have for someone starting out learning Spanish?

Do not stop, Spanish is not " just for Christmas" or for buying a glass of red wine. It is your window to the world and life of millions on people who speak Spanish, to their culture, art, literature and jokes. Take the magic key of Spanish language and unlock the magic doors of the New Spanish World, it is better than any Aladdin cave!

🌀What goals and aims do you have with the language in the future?

I started learning Spanish five months ago, in August 2022. I hope by August 2023 to be able to read 'proper' Spanish literature, write with fewer mistakes, and speak more freely with Spanish people, whether visiting their countries or on the Isle of Man. Espero poder hacerlo!

We want to congratulate Olga on all her hard work and determination. She is a star pupil and a pleasure to teach 🤩

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