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🌟 Student of the Season - Spring 2022 🌟

Lauryn is our student of the season this spring. Lauryn started learning Spanish 3 years ago on a one-to-one basis after a solid and successful run using the Duolingo app. As she was born in Gibraltar and lived there during her early childhood, she thought Spanish would be the perfect language to take on. Lauryn is currently in year 9 at Bemahague and studies Spanish in school. She is going from strength to strength in her Spanish lessons and doesn’t seem to score below top marks in her assessments! Lauryn says the best tool for learning Spanish is the apps (duolingo, Spanish dict and games like Quizziz and Kahoot) along with the one-to-one lessons. The hardest aspect of learning Spanish is the past tense according to Lauryn - she is currently studying the preterite and those of you who have studied it know how tricky it can be. Lauryn says the easiest part of learning Spanish is the early vocab, family, colours, numbers, and animals. In the future Lauryn would love to be able to speak fluently and converse with locals easily, maybe even find a Spanish speaking job. It is certain that Lauryn will achieve the very best marks in her GCSE if she carries on at this level and it is a pleasure to watch her thrive.

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