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Student of the Season - Autumn 2021

Gavie is our student of the season this Autumn. Gavie is currently in year 4 and has been studying Spanish since she was in year 1 with us at Private Spanish Tuition IOM. When we interviewed Gavie for Student of the Season she told us she wanted to start learning Spanish so she could speak to people in Spanish when she goes to Spain on holiday with her family. Gavie also said she wanted to learn Spanish as it would be fun, and she would be able to speak to her family in Spanish too as they also speak the language.

Gavie absolutely loved learning all her colours and animals and says it is the easiest topic she has covered, the hardest is what Gavie is currently learning, which is the time, we tend to agree with her on that! Although in true Gavie style there isn’t anything we can’t give her for homework or during class time that she won’t master with the help of her Dad Neil and Mum Lorraine.

Gavie says the most interesting topic we have covered was our chapter on the Day of the Dead in Mexico, she’d love to visit Mexico in the future with her friend and have fun speaking Spanish.

In the future Gavie would love to teach her children Spanish and have fun speaking it at home. The absolute best Spanish lessons for Gavie are the ones where we do ‘arts and crafts’ any excuse for us to get colouring, sticking and glueing and Gavie is ready with all the tools needed. Last lesson we made a clock to help us with telling the time, see the pictures attached. The clock worked the trick, and we are almost mastering time.

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Gavie over the last three and a half years and we are so proud of how far she has come. Well done Gavie!

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