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🌟 Student of the Season - Autumn 2022 🌟

Alison is our student of the season this autumn, she started learning Spanish as she wanted to travel round South America and possibly retire down there, in Uruguay.

She started Spanish at school with no real success then attempted again as an adult pre-pandemic. Her son Thomas also has lessons, and they practice together when on holiday, it is especially handy at ice cream ordering time.

Recently Alison and her family went to Spain & Uruguay on holiday. In Uruguay Alison found that hardly anyone spoke English, so her Spanish was put to the test.

Her best tool is having one to one Spanish lessons and having someone to speak to; she also enjoys reading Spanish books when she is away or on holiday.

Alison’s advice to anyone learning Spanish is to go as regularly as possible to Spain or a Spanish speaking country.

The hardest aspect of the language according to Alison is the reflexive verbs and the weather, she also struggles to pick between the preterit and the imperfect when talking in the past.

In the future Alison would like to become fluent by the time she retires so that she can live out her dream in Uruguay fully immersed in the language and culture. Well done Alison on her journey so far and we can’t wait to see where she ends up.

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