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Student of the Season - Spring 2020

James is our student of the season this spring as he continues to surpass expectations with all aspects of his language learning. James is currently in year 10 at St Ninians high school and he chose to take Spanish as a GCSE he thought it would help his university application, he also thought it would be a useful tool in his arsenal later in life.

James has been studying Spanish since year 7 and finds learning the vocabulary the hardest aspect, he says there are just too many words! However, by using Quizlet and repetition he manages to learn all his words week after week, even irregular verbs.

James says learning the grammar is one of the easiest parts of learning Spanish as he finds it formulaic and can remember it far better than the vocab. James is currently tackling the past tense.

Achieving a good set of GCSE results is the main focus for James at the moment, he recently achieved an A* in his Spanish year 10 speaking mock.

James decided to get a tutor as he was lacking knowledge at the end of year 9, wasn’t achieving high grades and wanted to aim for top marks at the end of year 11. He is certainly on the right path.

James has enjoyed learning about local area and being able to talk about what is in his town. He did particularly well in one of our conversation clubs where he came and spoke about his home, pets and hobbies. Particularly challenging when you are talking to room full of adults, well done James.

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