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Aalish - Student of the Season

🌟 Student of the Season - Summer 19 🌟

Aalish has just finished year 10 at Castle Rushen High School and is studying Spanish as part of her GCSE curriculum. Aalish decided to choose Spanish as she really enjoyed languages as a child and preferred Spanish to French. Also it is used widely and she thought that was a perfect reason to take it up at school. Aalish says she loves having a tutor to add to her understanding of the language and as a go to when facing difficult topics or tenses.

Aalish has put her Spanish to the test during a family holiday in Mexico. Aalish had to be her family translator and communicate with the local who knew hardly any English. She spoke to the locals about monasteries, wildlife, mountains and day to day life in the area. Well done Aalish, it’s not easy!

The hardest part for Aalish is the tenses, she says she struggles with remembering the verb endings and when to use them. She relies on tiny cards, and repetition to help her remember. Aalish cites having a tutor as the biggest help when learning a language, she prefers using books to technology and has read ‘Hola Lola’ a Spanish book in a week! Aalish’s advice to those learning Spanish is to be persistent. Don’t give up, it is always worth the effort.

Aalish enjoys travelling, playing music (she is in Castle Rushen Big Band and the Manx Youth Orchestra) and re-enacting the Wars of the Roses with her parents during the summer. Aalish is currently studying history (her favourite), Spanish, maths, English language and literature, music, geography, three sciences and R.E. Aalish has her sights set high on attending Oxford University but first her aim is to get a good GCSE result in Spanish and the rest.

Well done Aalish, you are a dedicated, hardworking and committed student. We hope you achieve everything you set out to.

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