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Student of the Season - Winter 2020

Student of the Season – Winter 2020

Caleb is our student of the season this winter. Caleb wanted to start learning Spanish as his dad and brother had been learning for years and he found it interesting looking at their Spanish work.

Caleb, who is currently in year 5, is studying KS3 Spanish work, describing his family, friends and their personalities. He is always so keen and consistently does his homework, his hard work is evident when he can construct quite tricky sentences with little effort.

Caleb says he most enjoys doing quizlets and learning new topics, his favourite topic was learning the basics, colours, numbers, animals and body parts. Caleb says the hardest part of learning spanish is when he gets frustrated and can’t build sentences because of the strange word order. However he is getting better at putting words in the right order so well done Caleb! He also finds speaking and listening easier than writing however he knows that practice makes perfect and nothing comes easy.

In the future, Caleb would love to go to Spain and talk to the locals, he finds having his dad and brother speaking spanish very helpful and is impressed when they use it on holiday. He also loved it when his class learnt some spanish at school and he could answer every question with no difficulty. Like most people he wishes they taught spanish in every primary school as it’s such a useful skill to have.

Well done Caleb you are doing a superb job, first class.

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