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Seville, Granada & Malaga

John has just come back from 7 days in Spain 🇪🇸 and he had an amazing time!

John has been learning Spanish for a few years and loved being able to use his Spanish whilst he was away.

John flew to Malaga with easyJet ✈️ and caught the train 🚂 to Córdoba, then onto Granada then a bus back to Malaga ☀️.

John booked all his train tickets on the day in Spanish, and also had to communicate 🗣 with Spanish train conductors to find out what platform he’d be leaving from. A lot of the people he came into contact with didn’t speak any English.

He enjoyed going to the Mesquita in Córdoba, the Alhambra in Granada and experiencing life in Spain. He spoke to waiters, hotel staff and transport workers all in Spanish. He even helped a Spanish lady out in Liverpool airport who didn’t understand she needed her boarding pass to buy goods in duty free.

John recommends travelling round Andalusia and catching the AVE (Spanish high speed train). He says he wouldn’t do anything differently and loved his holiday.

His highlight was the Alhambra and recommends buying the general ticket 🎫

He found the accent in Malaga the hardest as they speak to fast and often miss out the beginning and end of the words.

Well done John, amazing to hear about your holiday and how you put your Spanish into action.

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