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Kitty is our Student of the Season

Kitty is our student of the season this winter. Kitty currently studies A-levels at Ramsey Grammar and chose to study Spanish with a view to carrying it on at university. Having achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results, Kitty was in a great position starting year 12. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength taking on whatever work/grammar/vocab gets sent her way. Kitty chose to study Spanish as she loved it at GCSE and in the future hopes to work in a multinational organization using her language.

Kitty has admitted she finds learning vocab the easiest aspect of language learning albeit admittedly a tad dull when it has to be done weekly. The hardest element for Kitty is the grammar - she hates irregular verbs and can’t stand the past tense! Although she seemed to have tackled the subjunctive with ease so well done her.

Whilst studying Spanish she has thoroughly enjoyed her pre-pandemic trips to Spain with school and particularly enjoyed being immersed in Spanish life in Murcia. The culture is what Kitty loved - being surrounded by it is what spurred her on to become fluent.

When asked what her most useful tool is, she said having a tutor to go over any doubts with and practice the trickier elements. Kitty finds talking through topics and the areas she struggles in to be very helpful

Kitty recommends taking Spanish A-level to anyone. It’s not a common subject to do (there are only four students in her class) and she thinks it looks great on her personal statement.

Kitty is a shining example of an A-Level student and should be proud of her proactivity and results. We wish her every success in the future and can’t wait to see what results she gets at the end of her next academic year. Well done Kitty.

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