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Jim's trip to Cordoba and Granada

Jim has just come back from 20 days in Spain. He spent 10 days in Cordoba followed by 10 days in Granada.

Here are his top ten tips for a trip to Spain over December and January:

🔆Download google maps and save the maps of the places you're going to offline 🔆Research! Save the places you want to visit in your google maps as favourites. This pays dividends! 🔆Book the tourist attracts well in advance - for example the Alhambra. A month ahead should be sufficient as the places are busy and you will struggle to book a tour time. 🔆Eat in local restaurants off the well trodden tourist path, this will save you money and add to the whole experience. 🔆Research the weather and pack accordingly. Just because you're going to Spain doesn't mean it will be warm or dry! 🔆Try the local food and drink. 🔆Breakfasts in Spain are delicious so be sure to have them, however not before 10am as nothing is open. 🔆Check the public holidays, everything closes during the public holidays. 🔆Sundays are for sightseeing or travelling as hardly anything is open. and finally... 🔆Prepare for Malaga airport! allow yourself at least two hours to travel through it.

Overall Jim had a great time and wasn't ready to come home after 20 days away. He is planning another trip this year to San Sebastián that he has visited before. Jim stayed in Airbnb's in both locations and caught the train between locations and to and from Malaga Airport.

In the future he is interested in doing something similar with Seville, Jerez and Cadiz.

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