Spanish Tutor & Owner

Georgia attended Aberystwyth University where she graduated with a degree in Spanish and Education. Having tutored during her A Levels, setting up Private Spanish Tuition IOM after she left University was inevitable. Georgia enjoys holidaying and spending time with her family.


French Tutor

Lucy moved to the Isle of Man in 2015 after graduating with a first class MA (Hons) in Classical Studies and French from the University of St Andrews. Currently running her own social media management business, she keeps her passion for French alive by tutoring a small handful of students in the evenings. Lucy loves baking, blogging, travelling and dog walking!


Spanish Speaking Assistant

Sam graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in International Business and Spanish. Although Sam currently resides in Copenhagen studying for a double Masters, when he is on the Island he is often seen challenging some of our stronger students with a Spanish speaking assessment. Sam loves travelling to new countries all around the world.


Douglas, Isle of Man

07624 257 870

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